Creation Tithing

Book Cover: Creation Tithing

I am thrilled to have been involved in the development of a new book titiled, Creation Tithing, with author Anne Ipsen !  This book will be released in the beginning of August 2018.

Creation Tithing is a program for houses of worship and their members to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10% each year through a dedicated focus on reducing the worst consumer-generated emitters: electricity, gas, heating oil, water, and automobile fuel. It is designed to be a community effort that involves the house of worship, its clergy, and members of the congregation.

The Primer is a workbook of resources for Creation Tithing that generates ideas through worship, discussion, and community-building. It can be used by workshop leaders to develop materials and slides, and as a workbook for individual participants.

More information can be found at www.CreationTithe.com


“This immensely practical guide to reducing our carbon footprint gives both individuals and congregations a way to practice deeply rooted religious values such as self-restraint, justice, and generosity. Packed with suggestions for improving how we heat, cool, and light our homes what and how much we drive, how we cook our food, etc., it also concludes with an important call for political engagement and public advocacy.”

Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas


“Creation Tithing, a Primer provides a well-thought out and comprehensive discussion of the steps needed to reduce the carbon footprint of a home or a house of worship, along with a framework for ongoing reduction over the years. This little book can also be used to build a sense of community, both within a house or worship and beyond its walls to other communities working toward sustainability. May its impact be far beyond its size.”

Rabbi Katy Z. Allen