The third book in the Percipience series, 2232 is a science fiction novel where new technologies, paranormal capabilities and cities are discovered. Alliances both between people and societies are formed and broken in the never ending pursuit for survival, power and happiness.

2232 also looks at a few specific traits of human behavior that drive some of the fundamental issues with society and our current relationship to this planet. The common thread amongst most people regardless if they follow a religion or not is put to the test and the reader is challenged to look in the mirror to see how they fair with this examination.

This book, along with the others in the Percipience series are not just meant to entertain and to raise awareness of important issues. They are also aim to act as a catalyst to get the reader to think and motivate them to take individual actions to help with these worldwide problems.


From the back cover of 2232


Time did not dampen his need for revenge. If anything, in the years since the showdown between Epoch and Percipience, his commitment for vengeance was stronger than ever. Like a wolf watching his prey, he patiently waited for the right opportunity to strike back.

With the development of a new defense system for Percipience, Alec and Lauren thought that they would finally be able to concentrate on the challenges within their own village. However, an unexpected telepathic connection and a new riddle change all of that, leading them to the discovery of new technologies and the uncovering of an imminent danger threatening them, their village and the human species.

As the story unfolds, the characters begin to realize the unthinkable. That Richard may have made a fundamental mistake when laying out his plans two hundred years ago. A mistake so significant that it may unravel their very way of life and perhaps may do the same in the real world that we live in now.

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