Check out a few of the latest reviews for Feasible Living

Here are a few of the latest reviews for my latest book, Feasible Living.

…Contrary to the highly urgent, often alarmist messages being bandied about at large, Mr. Kroes offers his readers an incredibly reasonable look at our current and evolving ecological state of being, perhaps centering on climate change, but including all the important peripheral elements of current and upcoming societal change… Reader’s Favorite – 5 Star Review

… This book is written in a way that emphasizes current trends and states of mind, including climate change. This book is put together in a fashion that is easy to read and understand. I look forward to reading more by this author. This book is a definite recommendation by Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews.

I read Feasible Planet by Ken Kroes and put it down thinking, “I like this guy” and “Here are some things I can do.” It is a practical book and you never finish his work feeling like you have been hectored or lectured. His latest, Feasible Living: Dealing with Ecological Anxiety While Adapting to Our Changing World, chunks up a little, looking at the larger issues facing the environment. I loved his first book. This one is better. Under chapter headings like “Water”, “Air”, “Social Aspects” and “Economy and Government” Kroes goes right into the existential threats to the ecosystem and our responses, both in terms of policy, and individual psychological reactions. Feasible Living is a master class in environmental science, delivered with astonishing aplomb and authority. I find his psychological observations sound, never removing our agency; our ability to be part of real change. Here is a man who knows what he is talking about, writes clearly, and respects his readers. You read this book not to be guilt tripped but to learn something. Highly recommended with a glass of clear fresh water. – Richard Schwindt – Amazon Reviewer